Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ponce de Leon Springs State Park - Ponce de Leon, Florida

Florida is noted for its unique and beautiful natural springs. A particularly beautiful one provides the centerpiece for Ponce de Leon Springs State Park.

Located in the small Northwest Florida town of Ponce de Leon, the spring produces a daily flow of 14 million gallons of water that remains a constant 68 degrees year round.

A popular recreation area for citizens of the area for well over 150 years, the springs were the location of a log hotel during the Civil War. The establishment was broken up by Union raiders commanded by Brigadier General Alexander Asboth as they advanced to the Battle of Marianna in September of 1864.

Although the springs are named for the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, who came to Florida during the early 1500s to search for the mythical fountain of youth, he never reached this area of the state. The ice cold sensation produced by the water during the hot summer months, however, is an invigorating experience that produces a feeling of youth for visitors of all ages.

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