Monday, May 18, 2009

The Possum Monument - Wausau, Florida

One of my favorite Florida roadsite attractions is the town of Wausau's famed Possum Monument!

Located along State Highway 77 in downtown Wausau, the monument pays tribute to the role played by the lowly marsupial in providing foods for the residents of the Wausau area during hard times.

Unveiled in 1982, the Possum Monument has been a focal point of the community ever since and has been photographed by untold numbers of tourists as they make their way down Highway 77, one of the primary routes leading to and from Panama City and the World's Most Beautiful Beaches.

Wausau is also famed for its annual Possum Festival and Fun Day, which takes place on the first Saturday in August of each year. Few people realize it, but the first Saturday in August is actually "Possum Day" in the whole state of Florida, thanks to an act of the Florida Legislature passed in 1982.

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