Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lee Square - Pensacola, Florida

This is the towering Confederate monument in Pensacola's Lee Square. Fifty feet tall, it is one of the tallest monuments in Florida.
Lee Square is now a peaceful and attractive hilltop on Palafox Street, but it once was the scene of considerable military activity.
Union troops built Fort McClellan here during the Civil War. They were concerned that Confederate troops, who had evacuated the city in the spring of 1862, might launch an attack to retake it.
The fort was described as a square earthwork redoubt, armed with several pieces of field artillery. It was never attacked and did not long survive the war. No trace of it remains today.
The four cannon flanking the monument in Lee Square are of colonial origin. They are among numerous relics of the Spanish and English colonial occupations of the city that can still be found in Pensacola today.

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