Friday, January 23, 2009

Shepard's Mill - Greensboro, Florida

Water powered mills were once key features of the landscape in Florida. They provided places for earlier generations to have corn ground into meal or timber sawed into lumber.

Most of these one-time landmarks have long since disappeared, but a few remain around the state. This is Shepard's Mill, located on State Highway 12 between Interstate 10 and the town of Greensboro in Gadsden County. The mill is just west of Tallahassee.

Built in 1875 on Telogia Creek, Shepard's Mill is one of the few in Florida that is still in operation. It features a waterwheel that is located beneath the structure and designed in such a way that it could be powered by a limited fall of water from the dam placed across the creek.

Shepard's Mill is not open to the public most days, but stands literally right by Highway 12 and is easy to see.

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