Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two Egg, Florida

Yes, it is a real place! Two Egg, Florida is located in the heart of the farming country of Jackson County (near Marianna and between Tallahassee and Pensacola).

Actually founded around the time of the Civil War and ones known as Allison, the community acquired its unusual name during the Great Depression. Although there are a few different versions, most stories agree that the name originated from the barter system that developed in one of the stores there during the darkest days of the Depression when money had dried up and area residents traded items from their farms for things they needed from the store. Two Eggs became a common unit of barter and the name of the town - Two Egg - was born.

The name first appeared on highway maps of Florida during the 1940s and has remained a fixture there ever since. Sadly, none of the stores are still open, but the little crossroad still attracts its fair share of attention. Visitors with cameras and tourists posing by the "Two Egg" signs are common sights.

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