Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ancient History in Fort Walton Beach

One of the most impressive archaeological sites in Florida can be found in the heart of downtown Fort Walton Beach.

The Fort Walton Temple Mound and Indian Temple Mound Museum are located at 139 Miracle Strip Parkway (U.S. Highway 98) and preserve a Native American ceremonial mound built nearly 1,000 years ago.

The Fort Walton Temple Mound was the centerpiece of a major mound group, most of the rest of which has long since been covered over. A large platform mound that stands 17 feet tall and measures 223 feet long across the base, the mound once served as the base for a large structure and was the focal point of ceremonial and political activities in a large village of the Mississippian time period (A.D. 900-1500).

Now preserved and maintained by the City of Fort Walton Beach, the mound is located immediately next to the Indian Temple Mound Museum where visitors can view amazing samples of artifacts recovered from sites in Northwest Florida.

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