Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lake Jackson Mounds - Tallahassee, Florida

Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park preserves the site of an ancient city that thrived on the present site of Tallahassee more than 500 years ago.

The capital of a Mississippian chiefdom that thrived across much of the Leon County area between 900-1500 A.D., the Lake Jackson Mounds remain one of the most impressive Native American ceremonial sites in Florida.

The state park preserves two large platform mounds that were once the center of a mound complex where ancient Native Americans gathered for political and religious purposes. Archaeologists working at the site have found remarkable artifacts, including elaborately engraved copper breastplates made by the early inhabitants of the site.

The park also preserves a beautiful section of woodlands where a nature trail leads past a mill dam and the dikes of rice fields that were cultivated during the 1820s.

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