Thursday, February 5, 2009

Florida Caverns State Park - Marianna, Florida

Florida's fascinating karst topography means that the state is rich in caves, caverns, sinkholes and springs. The best place to explore these without crawling through the mud and braving snakes and other wild animals is Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna.

Established during the Great Depression, the park contains Florida's only tour cave, a beautiful cavern that is toured by tens of thousands of visitors each year.

In addition, the state park preserves a phenomenal natural setting of towering hardwood trees, limestone bluffs, flood plains, a beautiful spring and numerous smaller caves. One of the other caves, the "Tunnel Cave" on the park's nature trail, can be toured without a guide.

The park is rich in Florida history. Early Spanish explorers crossed the Natural Bridge of the Chipola River here, as did later British and American explorers. Andrew Jackson's army crossed the bridge in 1818 as he marched overland to Pensacola during the First Seminole War.

A visitor center in the park displays artifacts recovered there and interpretive panels provide information on the rich natural and cultural history of the area.

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